Coffee Information

At Brew-Ha we pride ourselves on providing the finest and freshest possible product. Therefore, to ensure optimum quality and flavour with your coffee, we have listed storage recommendations to give you that perfect cup every time.


Heat, light, moisture and air are all enemies to coffee. Therefore we recommend that whole beans should be stored in airtight containers preferably in a dry cool environment. Whole beans will keep fresh for up to two weeks. At Brew-Ha, we recommend purchasing small amounts of coffee on a regular basis to ensure optimum freshness of your product.


As with whole bean coffee, ground coffee must be stored in an airtight container in a dry cool environment. Use your ground coffee within one week of purchase. We recommend purchasing small amounts on a regular basis to ensure optimum freshness of your product.


Specialty coffee is grown only in ideal climates and prepared to exacting standards. Being a specialty coffee roaster means that our coffee passes a quality check process, to ensure that our coffee beans are free of flaws and imperfections.

Why should you drink Specialty Coffee?
Quite simply, you should drink specialty coffee because it tastes so much better than mass produced coffee.

When drinking specialty coffee, you will notice that it has a richer, more balanced flavour. We only select premium quality 100% Arabica Beans grown in ideal climates at high altitude. We then roast our beans according to the Six Phase Roasting Method so that it is prepared for consumption. It is at this point our customers can buy fresh roasted whole bean or ground coffee on-line, at our retail store, or at selected gourmet shops.

At Brew-Ha, we pride ourselves on overseeing the entire process from bean to cup to ensure that our customers get the best possible coffee.