Cleaning Products

  • Milkfrothclean

    Cafetto Milk Froth Cleaner 1L

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    From:  $35.00

    A cleaner for removing milk residue from coffee machine milk lines, frothers and parts. Available in a 1 Litre bottle with dosing chamber.   More Info

  • Organic-descaler

    Cafetto 250ml Organic Descale Liquid

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    From:  $22.00

    An organically certified, concentrated liquid designed to decalcify (delime or descale) espresso machines. 250ml bottle provides 2 doses. Contains a synergistic blend of 4 organic acids that giv... More Info

  • Milkfrothsanclean

    Cafetto Milk Frother Sanitiser Cleaner 250ml

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    From:  $18.00

    A sanitising cleaner for milk frothers on home and small office espresso machines. Availble in a 250ml bottle   More Info