At Brew-Ha we embrace the concept of groups of people from all walks of life gathering together under our roof to enjoy the ritual of consuming the highest quality fresh roasted coffee beans and finest loose leaf teas from around the world.

It is important to us that we provide a place for the local community to meet, and just as important that we support the community whenever and wherever we can. Whether you are waiting for your appointment upstairs at Broadening Horizons Counselling service or wanting a coffee to take away while you continue shopping in Subiaco or just have 5 minutes to spare to enjoy a scoffee and delicious slice we are here to provide you with fast friendly service and excellent freshly roasted coffee.




"Brew-Ha the ritual” derives its name from the word “brouhaha”, which means commotion, sensation, uproar, hubub.

The definition “brouhaha” has been adopted and then modernised to mean: “The ritual of consuming the highest quality teas and coffees, particularly while engaging in spirited debate.”


At Brew-Ha, we ensure that our customer’s daily ritual of consuming the finest coffees and teas is achieved by sourcing quality 100% Arabica coffee beans and premium tea leaves from around the world.

Our ritual begins by working closely with our specialist roasting partners to source beans from all over the world.  Only the finest Arabica beans are selected and are carefully roasted to our own well tried recipes to produce the highest quality and freshest coffee.

We also periodically roast in our small in-house roaster to bring you closer to the whole coffee experience and demonstrating our passion for providing the best experience possible.

Our teas are also selected from the finest sources and are chosen to complement our wide range of coffees 


We welcome wholesale orders.  To become a wholesale customer please contact us on info@brew-ha.com.au.

The minimum order for wholesale customers is 6kg of coffee per order.


At Brew-Ha, we always try and put something back into the community.

Our aspiration is to  support community and family based groups with a focus on sporting clubs and schools. We wish to promote healthy living within our community and will be happy to discuss your sponsorship needs.


Brew-Ha is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) - www.scaa.org

Brew-Ha is also a licensed supplier of the following products:

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee - www.swisswater.com