• Multi Region Blends

    A great blend offers a more complex and interesting taste experience. All our blends are hand crafted in store for you to enjoy.

  • Herbal Flowers & Fruit Infusions

    All our herbal, fruit and flower tisanes and infusions make a refreshing iced or hot drink and contain no caffeine.

  • Single Origin Tea

    The main characteristics of the most popular black tea is a robust flavour. We have a wide selection of Origin tea from key growing regions.

  • Green and White Tea

    Green teas are rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidents and have gained in popularity over time. White tea is the most delicate of all teas and the taste is subtle, soft & sweet.

  • Flavoured Tea

    Flavoured teas are produced by blending processed black tea with fragrant blossoms, petals, fruits, spices or essential oils.