• Dark Roast Blends

    Our dark roast blends are mainly used for making espresso coffee. The flavour and taste qualities are on the strong side.

  • Latin American Coffees

    This region is celebrated for their brightness and high acidity. They are renowned for their great balance and distinctive flavours.

  • Africa Arabia Coffees

    As the birthplace of coffee, it is fitting that the continent of Africa produces some of the worlds finest coffees.

  • Multi Region Blends

    Creating a perfect blend is all about combining the finest quality grean beans from around the world into a harmonious and special coffee experience.

  • Asia Pacific Coffees

    Asia Pacific coffees are uniformly full bodied and bold with complex flavour profiles. Coffees from this region are satisfyingly smooth & syrupy.

  • Raw/Green Coffee Beans

    Coming soon! The home roaster will be able to buy green beans from us and roast coffee at home. A full list of grean beans will be available shortly.

  • Organic

    A holistic way of farming, organic coffee is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides with only the use of organic fertilisers.

  • Swiss Water Decaf

    Only the Swiss Water process guarantees 100% chemical free coffee without losing the great taste in the cup.

  • Nespresso Compatible Capsules

    Our own fresh roasted coffee in pre-made, individually wrapped capsules.