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Colombian Huila

Excelso bean hails from the Valencia Family in the Huila region of Colombia. Excelso signifies a grade of bean slightly smaller than Supremo however this is not an indication of less flavour in anyway.

The aroma of this coffee displays a nice spiciness with hints of dark chocolate, and a really light floral profile. The flavour emphasises a beautiful chocolate and caramel taste. The finish is very clean. Overall, this is coffee is best described as full bodied and medium brightness.

This coffee is very versatile when roasting. It tastes great when roasted medium or even light, but will be nice with the enhanced body of a darker roast. We believe the true character of the bean probably comes out a bit better at a medium to dark roast.

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Coffee information

Origin: Colombia

Type: Excelso Huila

Supplier/Exporter: Valencia Family

Sustainable: No

Attributes: (D) denotes de-stoner found at origin, (M) Colour sorted at origin

Description: Washed Arabica - European Preparation

Screen Size/Grade: Screen 14 to 16

Bean Appearance: greenish

Roast: medium - dark

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