PNG Purosa 'A'

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PNG Purosa A Fairtrade Organic (FLO I.D 2897)

The Eastern Highlands Province was first developed as an important coffee region in the early 1980's, when seedlings of the Arabica coffee species Typica, bourbon, and arusha were planted extensively in villages and in the two main plantations making up the Purosa group. The Purosa area has been certified organic for coffee since 1991 (NASAA - 8081P). The rich volcanic soil and plentiful rainfall and sunlight provide excellent growing conditions for this coffee.

In the cup, this coffee produces a chocolaty, nutty flavour with a slight fruity finish. The Purosa A is known for its uniformity in colour, body, aroma, acidity and flavour.

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Origin: Papua New Guinea (Eastern Highlands Province)

Type: Purosa A

Supplier/Exporter: Coffee Connections, Gorko, PNG  -

Attributes: (C) Co-operative produced coffee, (FT) Fairtrade registered producer, (G) Graded to a specific bean size, (S) Specialty grade coffee, (NASAA) National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia

Description: HOAC (Highland Organic Agriculture Co-Operative) FLO I.D.2897 - Washed Arabica - Bold Bean

Screen Size/Grade: Running screen size 15 to 18

Bean Appearance: Bluish green

Roast: Medium - medium to dark



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