Brazil Santos

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Brazil Santos

In Australia the classification is characterised by a coffee that is naturally processed with a colour ranging from greenish blue to yellowish. The cup taste is usually low acid with a good body and a clean strictly soft cup with no hard or off taints. At times they can be sweet, almost nutty in the cup, this depends on the region in Brazil.

Traditionally, Santos coffees have not been able to take dark roasts well and are best roasted to just before the second crack. However in recent years the quality of some Santos grades from various exporters / regions have been able to handle a darker roast. It is best described as a mild neutral coffee good for building blends around as a base.

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Coffee information

Origin: Brazil

Type: Santos

Supplier/Exporter: Comexim -

Sustainable: No

Attributes: (G) Graded to a specific screen size, (D) denotes de-stoner found at origin, (M) Colour sorted at origin

Description: Unwashed Arabica

Screen Size/Grade: NY2/3 Screen 17/18

Bean Appearance: Yellowish

Roast: Medium - Light to Medium


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