Latin American Coffees

  • Colombia


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    From:  $11.00

    A high grade coffee, medium acidity with a slight sweet fruity flavour. We roast it medium to dark to retain that sweet flavour and also to bring balance within the cup. A very popular single orgin co... More Info

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    Colombian Swiss Water Decaf

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    From:  $13.00

    Finally a decaf that tastes the same as espresso and its a 100% chemical free. Our Colombian Swiss Water Decaf is roasted medium - dark and delivers a consistent cup profile with a deep... More Info

  • Costa_rica

    Costa Rican

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    From:  $11.00

    Our Costa Rica Tarrazu has a rich lasting aroma, with a tangy sweet taste and a silky well rounded finish. In the cup it has a medium and consistent level of acidity. The Tarrazu is a 100% Arabica and... More Info

  • Coffee_label_nicaragua_organic_3

    Nicaragua Organic

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    A smooth Organic coffee with creamy notes of malt and caramel. Suitable for most styles of coffee making but perfect through an espresso machine. More Info