Single Origin Tea

  • Assam

    Assam FTGFOP-1

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    From:  $10.50

    Produced in the low-lying Assam district of North Eastern India. One of our finest Indian teas. Deep red coloured infusion, a distinct full-bodied rich malt taste. Takes milk well. Ensure water tempe... More Info

  • Ceylon

    Ceylon BOP

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    From:  $9.50

    This Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) comes direct from the popular Kenilworth Highland Estate in Sri Lanka. This tea offers outstanding quality with a fast infusion. Provides full aroma and slightly sweet... More Info

  • Darjeeling

    Darjeeling FTGFOP-1

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    From:  $12.00

    Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas at elevations from 600 to 2100 metres. A relaxing afternoon tea. Darjeelings are the most celebrated of all Indian teas. Here, the gardens are so high that th... More Info

  • Keemun


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    From:  $11.00

    A China black tea that is the most famous of the North China Congous. Its mild sweet flavour makes it a perfect evening tea. The tight black leaves give a brilliant brown/reddish liquor, which has a ... More Info

  • Oolong


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    From:  $10.00

    This is a very light tea, mild taste, with a lasting aroma. Useful in diets. A semi fermented whole leaf tea, naturally low in caffeine. Produces a pale yellow liquor and is a relaxing alternative t... More Info

  • Yunnan


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    From:  $11.00

    From the South China Congou. The province of Yunnan produces a moderately strong tea. A bright, full-bodied cup with a strong rich taste. A fine golden liquor with a sweetish and earthy flavour. Will ... More Info