Cleaning Products

  • Espressoclean

    Cafetto Espresso Clean 1kg

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    From:  $45.00

    The premium espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines. Espresso clean has been tested by NSF and complies with its protocol. This specifies that Cafetto Espresso Clean does not tain... More Info

  • Milkfrothclean

    Cafetto Milk Froth Cleaner 1L

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    From:  $35.00

    A cleaner for removing milk residue from coffee machine milk lines, frothers and parts. Available in a 1 Litre bottle with dosing chamber.   More Info

  • Organic-descaler

    Cafetto 250ml Organic Descale Liquid

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    From:  $22.00

    An organically certified, concentrated liquid designed to decalcify (delime or descale) espresso machines. 250ml bottle provides 2 doses. Contains a synergistic blend of 4 organic acids that giv... More Info

  • Milkfrothsanclean

    Cafetto Milk Frother Sanitiser Cleaner 250ml

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    From:  $18.00

    A sanitising cleaner for milk frothers on home and small office espresso machines. Availble in a 250ml bottle   More Info